Ash Composition

We are the Leading Ash Composition Supplier in Taiwan

Goalead International Co., Limited (Goalead) is among the leading ash composition suppliers in Taiwan. Goalead is renowned in the market for radioactive materials and devices. Our vision coupled with workforce and latest equipment is leading our way to take us to the top supplier in our niche.

What is Coal Ash Composition?

It is a collection of varying-sized particulates that are structured as a result of coal combustion in the power plants of coal-fired. Coal ash can be split into different categories of material, including bottom ash, fly ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization material. The formation of coal ash composition is quite concerning; simply due to large amounts that are produced as a result of coal usage.

Arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and uranium are the constituents present in coal ash.

What Sets Goalead Apart

Error-free Products We always make sure the unit we are producing is simply error-free. Since 2013, we have always chased excellence which can only be achieved through a zero-defect policy. For zero error production, we have set up a separate section in our facility to ensure this.

Rich in Experience

We are selling ash compositions and related items since 2013. We ground ourselves in learning and applying what we have learned. We gradually adopted all the necessities needed to maintain our standing in the ash composition market.

Market Competitiveness

We always believe quality and pricing go hand in hand. Since we are a B2B-dominant coal ash supplier, we always maintain competitiveness through our pricing. We claim that there would be hardly a supplier in Taiwan who would quote you the price that we offer. Contact us to know our pricing.

Diverse Client base

We receive orders from Germany, New Zealand, the USA, UK, China, Taiwan, and applications for foods, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, construction, motors industries, and so on. As we serve various clients in different industries, it gives us an edge over other Taiwan ash composition suppliers.

Seamless Distribution

Firstly, we set a realistic timeframe to deliver the order. As a result, we have ample time to compile the orders, distribute them seamlessly and deliver timely.