Capillary Isotachophoresis Analzer

Fluids Particle Counter

Particle measuring technology is used to control cleanliness of liquids and to identify quality deficiencies and excessive wear in order to avoid eventual costly machine failures. The particle counter can measure solid particulate contamination of liquids and control the efficiency of filters and the cleanliness of liquids.
Particles affect both the quality of liquids (e.g. contaminants in pharmaceutical solutions, drinking water or process water), and also the connected components and machines (e.g. in aviation and hydraulics in general).

Capillary Isotachophoresis

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Ash Composition Analyzer

Every second counts for process and quality control. Test results are urgently needed from the moment the sample is received. 5E-XRF2500 is equipped with a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to load samples, touch the button, and get high-quality results in seconds. Compared with AAS,AFS,ICP and ICP-MS analysis technology, there is no need for XRF2500 to dissolve and digest samples, or use chemical reagent. The analysis speed of it is rapid without destroying samples. 5E-XRF2500 can be used to analyze samples, whether solid or liquid, pressed or powder, large or small.
Wide Applicability: Suitable for solid, liquid, powder and particle samples.
Easy Operation:
There is no need for complicated sample preprocessing. Users only need to put samples into the test area and click Start to complete the analysis.
High Efficiency:
1-15min for single sample analysis (which can be adjusted as required).
Modular Design:
Free combination as needed fits a variety of usage scenarios.
Low Cost:
No chemical and other consumables are needed, and no helium is consumed in vacuum mode.

Heavy Metal Elements Analyzer

The principle of X-ray fluorescence spectrum analysis is adopted in NX-100FA. The primary X-ray beam, generated by X-ray tube under the excitation of Digital-Control high voltage power, is tailored and restricted to specific spectral by carefully-selected primary filters and optical system to excite sample. The elements measured in sample can generate fluorescent X-ray with characteristic wavelength, which can be captured by high performance FastSDD detector. After that, precise quantification can be finalized by software. NX-100FA can be used to rapidly detect heavy metals such as Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As) and Selenium (Se) in paddy, rice, wheat, corn, beans and other foods as well as their products. Moreover, it can be applied to the storage, circulation and processing of food products at grain depot, food inspection station, food processing enterprise and research institute. NX-100FA can adapt to the special condition of food procurement with ensuring accuracy and stability of test results.


Detection limit

linearity range

Analytical Precision


















Precious Metal Analyzer

Cooking Oil Tester

Cooking Oil Tester is especially suitable for quality supervision, refectory, fast-food restaurants, food manufacturers, bakeries and so on. It is able to detect total polar material (TPM) values in minutes and suitable all kinds of cooking oil within high operation temperature.
Temperature measure range: 0-200℃
TPM measure range: 0.5-40%

Industrial Endoscope

Automotive / Diesel repair and maintenance
Inspection of hard to reach or hard to area or equipment
Plumbing, construction, restoration applications
Science education
Outdoor exploration

Integrated Rebar Detector

Portable nondestructive testing equipment can be applied for the detection of concrete cover depth as well as the localization, distribution and direction of rebar.
Display: 2.8-inch ISP color LCD
Memory: 1000 components or 100,000 rebars
Battery: 2 spare batteries, used continuously for 48 hours
Rebar diameter range: ∅6mm~∅50mm
Small range: 1~120mm, depending on diameter
Big range: 5~210mm, depending on diameter
Cover accuracy: ±1mm: 1~80mm, ±2mm: 81~120mm, ±4mm: 121~210mm
Diameter estimate accuracy: ±1 grade

Underground Pipeline Leak Detector

Mobile Crane

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